About Pontignano

The  Pontignano Conference

The Pontignano Conference is  one of the most important annual events in the UK-Italy bilateral relationship, each year aiming to bring together influential delegates from the worlds of education and academia, technology and innovation, culture and society, business and finance, politics, foreign and security policy, government and media.

The  Pontignano Conference
The Pontignano Co-Chairs

The Pontignano Co-Chairs

The Pontignano Co-Chairs take an active role in the planning and delivery of the event and we are honoured to benefit from the expertise of Lord David Willetts, who has been involved with the conference since the beginning, and Carlo Calenda, Italy’s Former Minister for Economic Development.

How can technological innovation help us address the productivity and demographic challenges faced by mature economies like the UK and Italy?

The XXXI Pontignano Conference

The XXXI Pontignano Conference will take place in Siena and Pontignano on 14-16 September.

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